Anyone else feel like nobody likes them?

I feel this way. I feel like I'm too boring to be worth anyone's time and like I have nothing to offer.
I was out with my husband and we ran into an old highschool friend that we both have on Facebook. My husband and I have the same hobbies that we post about but she only asked my husband how he's doing with it. I was in the conversation that was only about him. Not us, not me, just made me feel left out and unliked like I didn't matter. It isn't the first time I've felt this way. People just don't care about talking to me or asking anything. I'm very friendly in that I smile, I include everyone in the conversation, I ask questions and am interested. I just feel like I get the vibe so many times like I'm not important or worth talking to. It's hard to explain. It doesn't help that this happened a few times while alongside my husband in the past. It wouldn't bother me so much if we didn't have the same hobby (it's gaming and we post a lot about games even the same ones at times). It's like, they know this is OUR lives but they only talk to him about it.
Can anyone relate? Do you get those same issues or vibes etc?


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  • >> I'm very friendly in that I smile, I include everyone in the conversation, I ask questions and am interested.

    Try to become a little more of an animated character.

    Assert yourself, lose some of the courtesy (not to be discourteous but simply more willing to speak your mind, less timid, more confident voice).

    Don't care so much about what others think. Do whatever the hell you want and say whatever the hell you want (to some healthy level, not to excess).

    Maybe even exaggerate your enthusiasm. If there's a topic that excites you, you can be more bold in your expressions. "Yeah, I love it! It's fucking awesome!" It might sound a bit crude but people tend to get drawn to a boisterous character who expresses a lot of enthusiasm over someone who's very mild-mannered.

    Try to discover how to kind of accentuate and assert yourself socially in this respect in a way that will make you become more of a center of attention where people want to listen to you and want to hear what you have to say.

    Of course there will sometimes just be situations where someone takes more interest in your husband over you, but don't let that get to your head.

    • Thank you, sometimes I do hold back a little but I could definitely be more of myself around people. I know that I hold back my own boisterousness (and when I'm comfortable with someone I can be) and so I will try to loosen up some more. Thanks again for your advice!

  • You are married to someone who loves you. Clearly you are worth something from his point of view. Be grateful for what you got. Spending more time outside in public might help meet other people with whom you can start simple conversations with. And it might lead to friendship. I've never kissed or dated in 26+ years and got no friends. But I got my family by my side. I guess I can relate in terms of appearance since my family will think I'm handsome no matter what. Apparently not from other points of view. But I'm not depressed or feeling down. I got a job, a roof over my head, and other resources. I'm sure you have that too. So live your life to the fullest it can be.


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  • Yeah... You are with wrong crowd. Be yourself and don't need to force yourself to be with people that you don't feel like. You have a choice

    • I do feel like this sometimes, like maybe I'm not around the right people even though we have the same interests. There's different categories of it and of people. Maybe I've just come across more that are interested in his side in this case.

    • If they are not with you, then don't be with them