Is this a racist autocorrect?

So I was using the voice type on my iPhone and I was trying to type a fixation but it wrote

a fix the Asian

is siri racist lol

wonder what the general public would think of this auto correct I know a phone can't be racist it's an object it has no feeling emotion etc


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  • Siri can be racist like anyone else.

    Jk... But sometimes Siri likes to make jokes. A friend once asked her where to bury a body, and she starting spewing off addresses of swamps and forests. Another time she told my sister she had no friends.


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  • I don't see how that's anywhere near racist


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  • Maybe Siri was programmed by a racist programmer! :P

  • can a day go by without this race shit?

    • Yes in Europe South America Africa all of Asia and in Canada but if you live in the United States or the middle easy Hell No lol

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