🚗 Which company offers the best insurance rates for young drivers?

I drive a 2006 BMW 330i fully loaded and I'm looking for a quality insurance company that has the lowest price.

Im looking to get liability, comprehensive and collision coverage on my car.

Or i might just go ahead with full coverage.

Which company will offer me the best rates on these insurance policies given my age, 21?


The car is paid off
Tx driver


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  • Try Checking into "The General," @blustar. This Most Amazing Company just Might be Able to give you a Great Rate in whatever State you live in.
    If not, I have used Gieco when Living in New York City, and only Because "The General" would Not take on New York drivers. Got a Fairly good Rate with them here, dear.
    I would not Suggest Some of the Others above. I believe they are More Expensive, I have Had a Few of Those in the Past.

    • I went to compare dot com and The General was one of the lowest rates with the coverage plans i had in mind.

      Do they have any benefits besides the low rates?

    • Thank you for the Like, @blustar.
      Aside from them apparently Insuring you in your own state, which you must have found out will Benefit you, They also Are:
      Financially Stable
      Accept most cars and drivers
      Low Down payments
      Convenient Monthly payments
      Quality Claims handling
      *I have been with them for a long time, aside when I was Living in New York City, and I have found them Best from the Rest.
      It's nice to have a Company that will Not Rake young drivers over the Coals. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence, @blustar, and hoping it all worked out for you. xxoo

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  • There's websites you can go on to compare all of them. Look it up on google.


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  • I've been with Progressive since my early 20's so I'd say them.

    • Nahhh, might try to squeeze me for every penny ya boi has 😖

  • if your in CA, WA and I think OR wawanessa is the cheapest. google them.

    • Tx driver here

    • most if not all the companies you listed are big companies with big advertising budgets so they're going to be more expensive. the smaller guys with low or no advertising budgets are going to be the cheapest.

      so you'll be better off shopping around on google than going with the big names.