Should I tell my senior friend I like him at the beginning or end of the school year?

I'm a sophomore and my friend is a senior. We were friends and then I started falling for him. He's super nice, helpful, and protective to me. I don't really know if he likes me in that way or not, because I have a reputation for having a low self esteem... But anyways, there are tons of awesome senior girls. I feel like I can't compete. If we date, he's going to college and that won't hold up. But I don't want to not have a chance at all. So I'm debating whether to tell him at the beginning or the end of the school year... because if it turns out that he also has had feelings for me and I told him at the end and he would be moving away for college then I'd feel a lot of regret and stuff. But on the other hand I don't want to go through an awkward school year if he rejects me from the start. It's not like I can ignore him either because we have some classes together and do a few of the same clubs. I don't know what to do... I have been so bothered by this that I can't sleep and school starts in a few days.


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  • Don't tell him you like him, that's not a good way to go about it. By telling him you like him you're instantly opening up to him and leaving yourself open to rejection and it will become awkward. What it's far better to do is SLOWLY show him SIGNS that you like him, but never tell him. Flirt with him... Give him reasons to believe that you might like him as more than a friend and as he sees that, if he likes you too he'll start giving you reasons to think that as well. Casually ask him out one time, when you go out, get close to him.. See what he does. You do all these things and in the end it will feel like you both naturally fell for each other and it won't be awkward at all. If you watch a lot of romance movies (I'm totally not admitting to that), it's a natural progression from meeting each other, getting closer and falling for each other, it's not someone randomly confessing that they like the other person and the other person choosing whether or not to get with them.

    • Thanks for the thorough response, I really appreciate it. Also, this answer makes sense :) We're already pretty good friends so I see no problem with it. Thanks again!

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  • Wait tell end of term then tell him you had wanted to tell him at beginning of term you had wanted him to spend the whole term with him banging you with his snake monster but were too shy to tell him. Then tell him to have a jolly time at college.