Women and men aren't needed for babies in the future?

Apparently, scientists will be able to create egg and sperm cells without a man or women in the future using skin cells. What's your opinion on it?


What Girls Said 1

  • It's all good in the name of science, but some things are taken just a little bit too far. :/
    Have you seen the "designer babies" video on YouTube? That's extreme and disturbing tbh. @.@

    • Yeah i think that should be illegal if it isn't

    • I support it in the form of finding a cure for cancer and other incurable diseases (those would be awesome discoveries), but it shouldn't be taken too far (i. e. deciding everything about your child, making the best out of the best). The overpopulation phenomenon is real, we need less humans, not more. x. x

What Guys Said 2

  • It kinda creeps me out.

    If I understand this correctly you could take the skin cells off something a person owns and then use that to create a baby with their DNA without them ever concenting or even knowing about it.

  • It will still be more expensive to make kids that way than putting two kids together with a case of beer, so don't expect the old fashioned way to go out of style. Laboratory eggs aren't going to be cheap.