I think that I want to start skateboarding but I feel like I'm too old?

The only thing I've done is cruising or more like commuting on my brothers old longboard for some years. That longboard was more of a bad-quality downhill board so it wasn't that fun riding it. This summer I bought my first like, really good longboard (loaded dervish sama) and I've been cruising and carving with it. I started watching a lot of longboard videos and realized that I really want to learn how to slide and do several tricks. Now, doing tricks with a longboard is hard, and my board is a long one with smaller kicktails so I haven't dared trying anything yet.
But with the new interest for tricks and stuff I also started watching regular street skating videos and I love them sooo much. Like, before I was only interested in longboards and now I really want to learn how to skateboard but I have never tried that before. And I'm a shameful person (I don't know if you say it like that lol), like I think everything is awkward (working on that).

Do you think I should start skating even though I haven't done it before? And do you think that I actually could get good at it even though I'm at this age? I feel like most people got into it when they were way younger. Also, I don't know any other who skates other than this guy that I like and if he would find out that I would like to start skating he would totally dump be thinking that I'm trying too hard lol. Like, I kind of found out that I love skating thanks to him and I could feel how he thought that I only starting liking out just to impress him and he is big on individuality..

Sorry, this ask is a mess. But I'm a mess so deal with it hahah
I just turned 19 by the way


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  • You're not too old. But take EVERY safety precaution with pads and helmet.

    My friend's fiance died striking his head falling off a longboard.

    • Oh no, I'm sad to hear that. Thanks tho, not going to wait on getting a helmet

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  • If you like it do it


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  • 19? That's too old to start.

    • Would you like to tell me why it is too old?

    • Tony Hawk started at 12. Just like most famous skateboarders they started as teens. You're not gonna get famous or get sponsors.

    • Hahah but I never wrote that I want to get famous and so on? I'm just talking about having it as a hobby, relax

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