What do you think I should do? I like him a lot but do you think he may be interested?

We see each other at school but just say hi and bye to each other. The last two weeks my friends told me that they noticed him looking towards us (especially when I was there with them). When I tried talking to him on the internet it was very friendly, but the next time he just said brb and never came back... So I moved on. But recently, I was sick and I couldn't attend to a concert because I was sick and he sent me a text to check up on me with a lot of kisses and 'hahaha's' . I don't know, what do you think I should do? He doesn't seem to be consistent. He is sometimes happy to see me and other times not. I really like him but I am afraid of what I should do next. I'm afraid he won't find me attractive or something. Any suggestions?


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  • Keep your options open. It's ok to talk to him. But he acts to much hot and cold. And he sends a lot of mix signals. If it's meant to be then something eventually will happen with time.


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  • Begin your own Beguine of Texting here, dear. Once he Sees that Open Lines of Convo is Flowing and Going, he may get Rowing faster with Having a Nice Friendship to Start with you.
    Texting, along with Talking, which may Follow more as Time goes on, is the Best from the Rest to get to Know Someone Special.
    Go slow, Nurse and Nurture this. It appears here, dear, from where I am sitting, that things have some light that just might Bring More... Lot of kisses and haha's.
    Good luck and Hoping you feel better. xx