Does anyone feel that religion is responsible for a lot evil in the world?

I don't know , it's just me but lately with ISIS and the islamic terrorist attacks, I'm starting to think all religions are as bad as eachother.
Islam (Promotes Homophobia, Misogyny, Murder) and Christianity is no better (Homophobia)

It seems to me, most world religions cannot co-exist together, because they contradict eachother.
And going back in time, the Egyptians and Babylonians used to sacrifice humans to deities or "gods"

The belief in a "God" just seems primitive and outdated, Athiesm (Lack of belief in a god) seems better.
Aslong as religion exists, Muslims will still martyr themselves for God and kill for God, Christians will still hate homosexual and condemn them, when within the catholic church Pedophilia exists.
And The prophet muhammaded was a pedophile, so it just seems like religion is hypocrisy

Lies dressed up as tales to delusional people who want to believe in fairytales


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  • Without question, religion has been responsible for a lot of terrible things. That applies especially to the three Abrahamic religions that crawled out of the deserts of the Middle East.


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  • Yea, because the greeks and romans didn't exist. Or china, russia, cambodia... etc i can go on. Abrahamic religions have killed far less than the Romans have ever killed. You think they just walked to northern africa, persia, middle east and asia and asked them of they wanted "democracy" and them to be theri ruler and enforce their laws on them? lol be forreal. History can be your friend.
    In order for homophobia to exist youd have to wish death on someone and it would have to how someone is born. Yet more science says your not born gay then you are. Do you believe in evolution?
    Pedophilia exists in the catholic church because youd have to know the history of Roman catholicism. See the word Roman now do your research on the that empire which was a gay empire as well as the greeks. Again history can be your friend.

    • The only army repreented athiest -red army- had the biggest portion in rape of berlin
      But, You want people to talk according to history and facts
      Wake up

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    • yea i agree these things can be used to control people
      but the same may happen with atheists
      the only thing can prevent that is education not being away from religion
      as i said the only army represented atheism-the red army- had the biggest portion in rape of Berlin
      its all about education

    • the most up and coming power is 100 percent politics. The country is changing. Logic , science , religion is going out the door for feelings and politics. Its not religion being used as a tool you need to worry about anymore.

  • No, religion isn't the cause. The cause is extremist people wanting to *convert* others because they think it's a superior idealogy. It was a big cause of colonialism, too. Europeans wanting to "tame the savages" by way of missionaries and invasions. Just like isis wants to help the "infidels" by forcing Islam on them.

    • I'm sorry but you just contradicted yourself hun, Religion ties into politics and Military.
      When Bush Invaded Iraq he said" God told me to Invade Iraq"

    • That's not the only reason for the war in iraq and nobody would support him if that was the only reason (because God said so). He only used that as a justification among others. The only times religion directly causes wars is when the religious zeal causes people to think they need to spread it by force. It's not "religion" necessarily that's too broad, but rather the idea that their religion is superior and needs to be spread to others.

  • Religion IS responsible for a huge majority

  • Same here, they have too much hate inside them!!

  • Yes. I feel like it should be a personal thing & that people should respect the choices of others. You can't try to convince someone otherwise when it's all they've known growing up. It's disrespectful. People are people regardless of religion. It shouldn't devalue you or your existence. It's unfair.

  • Nooo I love religion and I'm happy to be religious.
    The bloodiest leaders were actually not religious (Stalin and Mao).

  • I have always believed religion was evil. You have to abide by their rules and if you dont terrible things can happen. All the religious people who take anti abortion and gay marriage as such awful sins make them feel terrible by picketing or as I call it legal harassment and sometimes worse. Remember that nut who shot up a Planned Parenthood not long ago? Thats one example. Then think back to WW2 what was that? A Christian man started a war to kill Jewish people. Thats messed up and blows my mind!! Im an atheist and I dont go around hurting people either emotionally or worse. Not saying someone who identifies as a Christian or Jewish or whatever the religion maybe would but something is clearly wrong. You treat others the way you want to be treated. I will never be religious. Religion has gotten out of hand. Its like a cult. I want to feel safe in my country and not be afraid of being shot at Planned Parenthood, being attacked by someone whose relgious beliefs out weigh any logic. This is a scary world and nothing is being done about it.

    • But Islam is a freighting prospect, look at the Charlie hebdoe and Paris attacks.
      It's shows us ISIS is prepared to use all force and Many muslims support them.
      They're targeting many european major cities and have established terrorist links with european nationals, So where are these ISIS recruits coming from?

    • From what I read on the news sites everywhere. If it was up to me, every single religion would be banned and anyone preaching outside of their own house will be arrested especially if they are instigating violence or trying to find new members.

  • Nah. Religion is a tool. Like any other tool, the hands who hold it matter more than the tool itself. Remove religion and these people will clutch nationalism, racism, or some other devisive mechanism. Their idol is hate.


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  • Seems like the Abrahamic religions are the problem.

    Or maybe it's just because they're the bigges... oh, wait, I forgot Hinduism. And Buddhism.

    OK, maybe it IS the Abrahamic religions that are the problem.

    • I see your point, The Abrahamic Semetic religions seem the most barbaric and outdated,
      Buddhism and Hinduism teach of Karma or peaceful concepts and respect other faiths.
      Chrisitans and Muslims will fight at eachother,

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    • There are Hindu gods in Japan's Buddhist temples... and all over asia

      So there is little to no difference

    • Caste system is actually practiced in Buddhist countries (mainly Tibet, Japan and Sri lanka)

      where they sometimes treat butchers as untouchables

  • I'm secular but I disagree with that stuff.

    And just to add to my comment I made earlier, Mohammed marrying a 9 year old was actually as normal as marrying a 25 year in this age.

    You're talking about 1400 years ago.

    My great grandmother gave birth when she was 13, nowadays my female cousins aren't allowed to marry before 20 by their families. Why? Because times change in 100 years. 1400 years ago Christians and Jews do it too. In fact Jews still do it in London, they just do it outside of the law.

    • I cant' believe your condoning pedophilia, Your basically saying the middle east there was not much law and order or goverment.
      I see your point thought because in the Christian Bible and Jewish Torah, Abraham (Ibrahim) Married his own sister , which is incest.

    • I'm not condoning anything.

      Im saying times change2
      What's acceptedle now won't acceptable, in 100 years.

      By your logic the kings of the U. K. Was also a pedo till 200 years ago. But they weren't, coz it was not back in day.

    • Oh and just to add. Before Islam came to the Middle East. Women were not considered humans and it was believed that women were animals with the sole purpose of giving birth. After giving birth they would usually be killed. At a young age or taken as slaves if wanted. They killed girls on birth because they thought they weren't humans.

      With Islam, whether you agree with it or not, women got some rights in the Middle East.

      What people did 1000 years ago you don't agree with now, and in 1000 years from now, people won't agree with what we do now.

      They'll consider us pedos or something that we do not consider as such a thing now.

  • So your question was rhetorical, since you updated it to be just intolerant bashing.

    But I'll try to respond anyway.

    First of all, how many religion related murders have Christians been responsible for in the past half century? The that you pretend Christian extremism and Muslim extremism are equally harmful has already demonstrated your complete lack of objective observation.

    Second, the two worst genocides in human history were committed by atheists. Stalin killed 30 million of his own people. Chairman Mao killed 70 million of his. And these were both more recent than any Christian genocide.

    Read a book.

    • Your body counts for Stalin and Mao and way too small.
      The historical record shows that Stalin murdered 66 million of his own people.
      Even the Chinese Government admits that Mao murdered 84 million of his own people after the revolution; and 50 million during the revolution.
      There have not been any atrocities in the name of Jebus for several centuries, although small outrages did occur. For example, the last person to be killed for the heinous crime of not loving Jebus was drowned on a dunking stool in Switzerland in 1826 and England was burning witches at the stake as recently as 1770.

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    • Atheism is what the 21st century civilized mankind is in, we're not in the middle ages or ancient times.
      There is no need for "Gods" anymore, your belief in god is irrational.

    • Just like the flying spaghetti monster, God is a fragmentation of people's imaginations.
      Cannot be proven, or disproven.

      It just breeds barbaric, animal like behavior. We've evolved from our ancestors of primates and apes millions of years ago.
      Belief in a deity or "God" is irrational and something really stupid do, because the do not understand Science or they know how Physics or Evolution works...

  • To quote Steven Weinberg, a famous American physicist: "There are good people who do good things and there are bad people who do bad things. But for a good person to do bad things, it takes religion." I think that pretty much sums it up.
    Without religions, we wouldn't live in a violence-free utopia but the world would definitely be thousands of times more peaceful than it is now.

    • Ofcourse people need morals, But Athiests can have a sense of morals.

      I think religious people are some of the most hypocritical people ever, because they claim to be righteous, but yet they are no better than athiests.
      They cherrypick things out of holy books and quote scripture, and then sin and do things against their own faith.

    • Yes, I agree with you. Plus, most parts of the ethical code that religious people ASSUME to take from the bible are actually accomplishments from the century of enlightenment.
      To put it differently: these days, we have tons of religious people who never even read the bible but they CLAIM that the bible supposedly says X and Y. What they don't know is that X and Y can't be found in the bible. Instead, they're ethical concepts from secular humanism and the only reason these religious people believe in them is because they were born in the 21st century.

    • Exactly when we go back in time, we find religions borrowed or stole concepts from eachother.
      Christianity and Islam took from Judaism and Judaism took from Babylonian and Egypt

  • People love believing in fairytales because their weak minds need something to alleviate all the stress and burdens of their everyday lives...

  • Mao: 80 million deaths
    Stalin: 40 - 60 million deaths
    Hitler: 20 million deaths

    Two Atheists of them are, and all of them have non-religious ideologies.

    ISIS is bad but it didn't start with religion. It started with the Iraq invasion. They used religion for their crimes. They could have used non-religious ideology for their crimes. Doesn't make it less worse.

    • Bs, Read the Quran... Islamic doctrine says allah will reward those who kill non-believers, jews are heretics and christians are infidels.
      If a true muslim is following everything in the "holy book" that would mean kill non-muslims, so technically speaking to be a true muslim you must go to war (jihad) against the infidels.

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    • @yucel_eden I see what your're saying, these are just ex-sadam soilders who are pissed off about American Invasion and unstable goverment

    • Exactly.

      Kurds in Syria and Iraq receives weapons and training from west like uk or us. And you never hear a Kurd joining Isis (rare as an Englishman joining). Simply because the west is helping them.

      If you hit a man on the street he will attack you, if you help him he appreciates it.

      It's how this stuff works in the Middle East man it ain't got to do with religion

  • Most of the evil in the world has been committed by atheism. When atheists have got into power, millions of innocent people have been tortured and murdered.

    • The Crusades killed millions of people (Catholic Christian) Ummayad Caliphate invaded most of north africa and middle east (Islam)

      Religion is responsible for many wars, because two religions have conflicting ideas.
      Just because you say your god is better than mine.

    • Atheism regimes killed hundreds of millions, and the crusades were men who were not following the teachings of Jesus.

  • Correction, Wahhabi Islam causes a lot of evil in the world and the secular West enables it. Unless you consider calling homosexuals "faggots" the same as literally crucifying and/or burning them alive like in the Middle East, then Christianity is pretty much irrelevant except maybe in some small pockets of Africa. We modernized. Islam almost did in the aftermath of World War I and the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, but then we ruined it by sponsoring only Wahhabist rulers and leaders.

    • Wahhabist and Jihadists are both extreme sects of Islam, But within the Quran doctrine is a lot of violence and war, it says to go to war with "infidels" and kill jews and christians.
      It also condones pedophilia, muhammed married aisha at the age of six.
      it's a common tradition still practiced in arab culture,

      Do you know homosexuality is still a crime in certain third world christian countries, like Jamaica, Guyana,

  • Christianity is so terrible that most christians will never engage in any violent behavior against a non-straight person because of their sexual behavior.
    Meanwhile, in Islam, there are millions of terrorist supporters and people who actively defend Sharia Law.

    Yeah, sure. Totally comparable. The problem isn't the people at all. Its the religion, right? Next stop: nobody turns to crime for lack of character, all criminals are victims.

  • No. More often than not, religion is an excuse of the perpetrators and a scapegoat for the critics.

  • Nope not really even though violence has been done in the name of religion look at all that religion has done, influenced or accomplished.

    Also quite a few of the worlds most bloodiest dictators were not religious.

    • Hitler (Roman Catholic) Abubakar Baghdadi (Sunni Muslim) Prophet Muhammad (Muslim)

      Religion is a tool, miltary and politcal meant to control the masses

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    • @cth96190 Zionist Conspiracy theorist are we?

    • Not theory, proveable fact.

  • Most of it but even without it violence would still accure there have been atheists who were terrible people as well. Gangeskan for instance.

  • Evolution is just a throry

    • seeing as you can't spell "theory" right, i can't take you seriously

    • its so clear its a typo, look at the keyboard
      its up to you
      but it won't change the fact that its just a theory :D

  • I've felt that way for many, many years. It's the ultimate abusive relationship.

  • no, I think it is the go to excuse

  • I would say religion/greed. Remember lots of bad shot went down over wealth as well.

  • Christianity also promotes misogyny and homophobia... and slavery like Islam

    Ancient Egypt had almost no human sacrifices, they were vegetarians who tried to be kind to even animals. There was no illegal slavery in Ancient Egypt either.

    Only prisoners of war were kept as servants and only they were sacrificed

    • Christians are also responsible for destroying the Ancient Egyptian religion. The latter almost never attacked anyone or forced anyone to convert.

      Don't demonize Ancient Egypt unnecessarily. They had a very peaceful religion and culture.

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    • Common human sacrifice in Ancient Egypt is a hollywood myth.

      Human sacrifice wasn't a part of their religion and didn't happen even throughout their history. It was a only during a particular period and only done on slaves (prisoners of war)

    • They were peaceful vegetarians...

  • nopw, i blame feminism