Read if you have psychic abilities or believe in spirits.. if not please dont comment... help?

Psychic abilities run in my family, my most prominent ability is clairaudience. I have a few other abilities but i won't get into it they aren't relavent to my current question. I am also an empath. I had an ex who lost someone very close to them to suicide years before they even met me. Since then i have had dreams about him (the deceased) and have felt like i know him and understand him deeply even though i have never met him. I feel as though he has "clung" to me. I noticed it when i was suicidal myself, i no longer am but i still feel his presence. I had a therapist who pointed out to me that a "lost soul" has attached itself to me (i hadn't told her about him yet), she asked him to leave but i believe it didn't work because i wanted him to stay since i felt a close bond with him. I met a few of his friends and visited his grave with them and they kept going on and on about how i was his type and how he would have loved me. We have a lot in common personality wise and our birthdays are only a few days apart. I hadn't thought about him for about 2 years and out of nowhere last night i heard a voice whisper my name into my ear immediately after i was flooded with images of him and strong emotions.. enough to make me cry and also had a very enlightening experience. i hear spirits fairly often and speak to them and feel them but this time was way more "clear" i guess. I feel as though i know that its him but i wanted to get a second opinion of someone who also has psychic abilities. Is this him? Could a spirit that you didn't know in life resonate and cling itself to you? Will he stay with me through my life? I almost dont want him to leave because he has conveyed a lot of advice to me and helped me greatly through my depression. If you're a skeptic please dont comment. If you have questions please ask since this is just a very brief overview of my experience.. i want to understand this side of me and my abilities more and i want to understand him more. Thank you!


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  • This is too much that my inability to open my small eye is about to close 😩
    I won't be able to have the ability to understand u at tis point 😔

    • haha well thank you anyways!

    • The effort put in this thread is quite magnificent 🤔

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  • I do. The whole post and question was presented to "out" homophobics. Please find a new hobbie and past time.