Should I get the Samsung Galaxy s7 or the Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge?

Disclaimer: I have already narrowed my options down to these two phones. I know plenty of people will tell me to get an iPhone, but they will fall on deaf ears, because I won't be considering a third option. Even if you are an iPhone user, I'd like to know which of THESE TWO phones I should buy, if you can help me.

First of all, my current provider is Verizon, but I will be switching to Sprint. I know Sprint's service isn't as good as Verizon's, but Sprint has a more affordable unlimited data plan (which is why I'm switching). If switching providers will hinder the performance of either of these phones, please let me know.

Also note that I will be streaming a fair amount of videos on my cell phone. I don't care much about the size of the screen, I'm just concerned that the smaller Galaxy s7's resolution will be poorer than the Galaxy s7 Edge's. However, if I can stream videos just as well on both phones, then I don't think the extra 0.4's of screen size is worth all of the extra money.

Another concern of mine is how the actual "Edge" of the phone performs. I have a friend who has a Samsung Galaxy s5 Edge, and she says that after having her phone for a while, the sensitivity of the edge of her phone decreased, so now it is difficult for her to use it. I don't know if they have fixed this problem by now, or not.
Also, I'm well aware that the s7 Edge is much more popular than the s7, so I am afraid that there will be a much more limited variety of s7 cases to choose from.

Which phone do you think I should buy?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I had my galaxy 2 months if that and my screen went out. Had to ship it to Texas to Samsung to be replaced and that was hours of me on the phone with them and multiple wrong ups labels. Finally got it back and it randomly drops my service and I have to reboot. I also have Sprint and great service. My LG was 4 years old and great, I would not buy this Galaxy again if I could go back.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'll start by telling you that there are 2 versions on the market. One has Exynos processor and the other one is Snapdragon. The Exynos is better.

    1) Both have the same display (SUPER AMOLED 1440 x 2560 pixels) BUT since the S7 is smaller, its screen is slightly sharper. But so slightly that you won't notice it.

    2) Not sure about the edge sensitivity, never owned one

    3) Both of these phones are equally popular and finding cases would be pretty easy. You can have a look on Amazon before you buy one.

    In conclusion those phones have the same specs, the only difference is the screen size and the edge. Since you dont mind the size, I would get the S7 and use the extra money on an accessory.

    • I heard that which processor is used depends on the region. I live in the U. S. by the way.

      I also thought the camera was the only thing the processors really affected.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Why get a new phone whats wrong with the old one besides it's old?

    • The screen is shattered. Even if it was intact, it is an iPhone 4s, and only gets 3G data with no LTE, and it doesn't have the capacity to support the newest system updates.

      Believe me when I say it is outdated.

    • Then by all means get a new one that best fits your needs.

  • i've heard good things about the edge but haven't owned one

  • Get the edge


What Guys Said 2

  • Galaxy s7 Edge

  • Galaxy S7 Edge

    • Any reasons why?

    • It's better

    • Gee thanks for the help. Clearly you can't be bothered to spend 5 minutes writing at least an 8th grade level response.

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