Is it normal to dislike posting your own face on the Internet?

I used to have my own portrait as avatar, but at some point I realised that made me feel vulnerable and anxious about how people perceived me.

On the other had I wonder if it was because professional fights I had on the Internet. Because of my work I had to deal with plenty of trolls and haters daily, sometimes very disgusting people.

So I wonder if it something because of my particular situation, or it is because it is that way. What do you think?


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  • I don't think it's abnormal. You never know what creepy people could do with your photos.

    • I think that some will want to do voodoo with it, or contract a hitman.

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  • I avoid it here since I express myself so openly and share things about me that I generally don't share even to some of my closest friends. Aside from that I'm in a line of work where I'm far from a celebrity but somewhat known in my industry (a very geeky one). To be recognized would leave a lot of explaining to do.

    In your case I feel like your reasons come from a sense of vulnerability/insecurity which might not be such a good reason.

    I can respect wanting to hide your photo but I think you might get a bit too negatively impacted by how other people think. It also helps, but especially when you lack anonymity, to learn how to be a peacekeeper, a conflict resolver, a diplomat, a bigger person.

    Keeping your cool will make the haters look bad and you look good, losing it can make you both end up looking bad or sometimes worse, make the hater look good and you look bad. So that might be something to work on about your character with or without your personal photo showing.

    • I will clarify a thing. It is not like I post things on the Internet and someone comments badly about them.

      It is more that haters are coworkers or clients. And they can actually pursue me very personally and stop me from getting stuff done, the stuff they do not agree with.

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    • I've dealt with some nasty people, even trying to kind of challenge me on the stage when I was giving presentations as well as having to deal with negative reviews at times. When I was younger I would get really annoyed but in trying to become defensive I did things that only made it worse.

      There's a way to kind of train yourself not to act on negative emotions. If I use a stereotypical image, think like Mr. Miyagi. It's almost impossible to really push his buttons. He's always acting in a level-headed way. And you can train yourself to do that even if you are a very passionate and emotional person.

      You can't get rid of the emotions but you can train yourself to respond to them in a way that seeks cooperation and diplomacy, even to those you absolutely can't stand. And doing that will tend to make your whole life better as well as improving your relationship with everyone around you (if not with the nasty people, with those who see you keeping your cool).

    • I will give it a shot.

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  • Lol I just joined this site today and used a dog for my profile pic! To me, it's because I'm paranoid about anonymity. Like I'm afraid someone will some recognize me or find me through searching. I want to anonymous so I can be honest.

    • Well, I'm not anon. As I use my real name.

    • Okay, I'll admit it: I'm kind of self-conscious about my appearance. But mostly it's the anonymous thing!

  • I dislike posting my face online because once you do it is likely there forever


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