What should I take in my hospital bag to give birth?

What should I take for me and for my babies


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  • you won't need anything for the babies. the hospital should provide everything.

    as for you i'd take a comfortable pair of clothes to wear once the labor is over
    some snacks
    hygiene stuffs
    maybe some slippers so you can walk around
    some entertainment stuffs (music, book, etc)
    camera and/or cell phone


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  • Your own shower stuff, tooth brush, tooth paste, socks, pajama pants.
    For the baby bring onesies, a cute outfit for the hospital pictures, socks, the hand covers.
    Something to do while you're waiting for labor to start, gum because your mouth will be dry af. Phone charger, tissue.
    They give you diapers and shit like that.


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  • under 18 haahaha


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  • Flip flops: hospital floors are gross even after the bleach
    Body wash/shampoo
    Big comfy undies that you can throw away
    Camera or phone with charger
    The info for the pediatrician that you have picked for baby
    Pajama pants
    A robe
    Going home outfit for baby and one for photos if you want photos made while you're there
    Breast pump if you plan on nursing in case you need to pump for some reason (nicu)

  • Great body wash for you, underwear, comfy clothes for you. For baby an outfit.

    From the hospital room take all the diapers, pads, ice packs , formula, everything they will throw it all away if you dont take it. I felt bad for just taking t and asked the nurse if I could take it and she said yes, or we will just throw it away