Magic Spell, is that pssible?

Does magic spell really exist? Is anybody have experience to try it one is it been work. Do wishes come true? Can you give some example? Personally I do not believe in it I am just curios.


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  • Yes, magick is real. Note the spelling: magick.
    Magic is stage illusion.
    Magick is the use of metaphysical forces to manipulate the physical world.
    I have used magick. Sometimes it has worked, sometimes not.
    Because the Christians spend 1,600 years torturing and murdering anyone who was even suspected of knowing magick, much of the old knowledge has been lost.
    Hence, when modern-day pagans and magicians practise their art it can be a hit-and-miss learning curve.
    There are books, of course, but they contain deliberate falsehoods to prevent the uninitiated practising magick effectively. To do anything else could be compared with giving a baby a loaded pistol as a toy.
    One of the best books is Mastering Witchcraft, by Paul Huson (1970).
    If you want to see a darker view of magick, read just about anything by Aleister Crowley.


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