What do you believe this dream might indicate or mean?

The Dream:
I'm a conductor on a train and I'm traveling down the tracks with passengers. However, as I reach the end, I'm stopped and told I have to take a detour. I don't want to, but I do it anyway, because I know I have a job to do, therefore I keep going and as the train travels down the tracks I notice the tracks begin to become illuminated with a bright white light. Then the images fade to black.

The next I awake I'm in the sand on a hill. There is a person standing over us; meaning myself and the passengers that were traveling with me. The person over us is in the shadows and I can't make out their face, only their profile. Then one by one the person picks us up as if we're children and tosses us roughly over this wooden fence and we find ourselves now in a cave. Then the images fade to black.

When next we wake, one by one, we're being stalked and attacked by creatures which resemble dragons. One by one they are attacking us and eating us. One even drags a female passenger into the water and begins to devour her while she struggles and confesses this won't break her, as the dragon-sea-creature begins to eat her.

Anyone want to weigh in on what this dream might signify? Serious answers only, please. Let's not be offensive with your remarks.


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  • maybe you saw a horror flick and it ended up causing this dream


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