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I get paid every other week so most times 2 pay checks a month. The end of July I had a couple episodes of fainting and I had to go to er and miss a couple days of work which put my check short so I wasn't able to pay all my rent, I paid $450 of the $570 owed and left a message stating I would pay the $120 left on 8/26 when I got paid and on the 22nd they filed for eviction and like I said I paid the $120 when I got paid on the 26th. So yesterday they call asking me for the $137 for the legal costs for them applying for eviction and I told them I wasn't paying that and that I gave them all the rent money and that I paid it when I said I'd have it and they said that I'd then have to go to court because I'm refusing to pay the legal cost of them not waiting 4 days. I understand they have protocol and what not but it was medical issues preventing me from working and causing my check to be short so wasn't like I just blew all my money on junk. I plan to go to court next week with my discharge papers from the hospital, my checks from this past month showing that my one check wasn't even enough to cover my rent and so I had to wait for my next check to pay the remainder of the rent and tell them I called and stated when the rent would be paid. My lease is also up and I'm moving out September 30. Just curious as to what will really happen at court and if I'm gonna be forced to pay the legal fee because they couldn't wait 4 days for the $120. I live in Michigan if that helps any.


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  • You are better off on welfare than all this working junk. It's the American way.

    • That's the way to be American trash, I work for the things I have not be a lazy asshole depending on welfare to support me.

    • Good for you

  • Hi do they have security

    • A security guard? Yeah that guys a joke and does nothing. One day he chased me into my apartment and then stood outside my door for a few mins and I did nothing was just taking my dog to the bathroom

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    • You should file a harassment charge against them

    • That should have been done long ago. They started in May putting crap on my door about renewing my lease which wasn't up until today and then have literally called me every week asking what I'm doing so months of calling me every week, they have no compassion for medical issues like this was all because I was in the hospital and unable to work and last year I was off work for 2 months due to a back injury and told them I'd be struggling with money because I'm off work now but that they'd have their money every month and they would literally call every day asking for money. I've never lived any place as bad as this and I plan to write them a bad review after court, want to do it now but the manager looks at them and don't want him to try and use anything against me in court that I post but it also isn't under my real name so maybe will do it. This place is a joke all the way around and people are fleeing from there like my building has 4-5 empty apartment and people leaving all over

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