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Is it time to accept that I'll never be in a relationship? I want to have sex, but it's not worth the effort?

Last year of college, going to get my degree in a matter of months, so I'm pretty pumped. However, I can't help but still feel the urges of wanting a woman in my life. Back when I was a freshman in high school I just started liking girls, and I thought it would be pretty simple. I was immature then, and was used early on by girls who just wanted help with their homework, and tried walking all over me as soon as they knew I thought they were attractive. That wasn't a good start, and rattled my whole point of view of girls. My junior year of high school to present day, I've struggled with girls who act like they like me in a sexual way, and then if I ask them out a few days later they act shocked and reject me brutally. Right now, I don't feel like putting in any effort at all because of all the bad times I've had, and honestly I'm kind of turned off by the girls around me. They act wicked entitled and stuck up, and honestly act like I'm not even there sometimes. And when I think they're acting interested and asking questions about me, how am I supposed to trust them? Are they toying with me just to enjoy rejecting me to boost their ego? Just the other day I was sitting between two girls, and there was a guy sitting a couple seats away. One of the girls was texting the guy the whole time (they were laughing throughout class), and the other girl just looked past me at the guy like she was jealous or something. I just kept paying attention to the lecture, but that's just it. Girls are never interested in me, and I think I'm pretty cool. I play sports, have hobbies, consider myself decently attractive. After all the shit I've felt, I am reaching a conclusion that it's better to just not deal with it anymore. Why do I bother? Is all this effort really worth just getting to have an orgasm? I haven't really met a girl that I have much in common with anyways. Thankfully I have a friend who thinks similarly, so I don't feel too crazy basically swearing it off.
Is it time to accept that I'll never be in a relationship? I want to have sex, but it's not worth the effort?
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