Guys, can you encourage me?

Long story short I had a lot of work to do. And I had six weeks to do some of it , but I didn't do any of it and I'm now behind. Instead of doing the work I played FO4, Doom, browsed forums, watched videos etc.

Guys, can you encourage me?It felt good but now I'm stating to get a little bit bored. I was thinking about getting into airsofting, maybe spending some more time with the dog or even going go karting (anything except the work) if you got any ideas on something else I could do let me hear them, they got to be unique though

If your wondering why I ain't doing the work it's a long story. . .

Sometimes I really do think NEETs live the good life. . .

Also give me compliments/praise if you want

(easy points) here

TLDR encourage me to slack off


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  • Get to work! Don't be a lazy bum all of the time! Walking your dog is great exercise for the both of you.

    • I already do go to work. . . I did get some dental sticks for the dog recently, wonder if they'll do any good. I love the work but the course 'work' is a no go

      But what if I want to be a lazy bum? I thought you were empathetic. I already do a lot of walking but a little more won't hurt I suppose

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