Why the Belgium support a terrorist organization of PKK?

Why the Belgium support a terrorist organization of PKK ?


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  • according to wikipedia they PKK are just guerrilla warriors, not terrorists.

    The PKK's ideology supports equality of gender. At its establishment, it included a small number of female fighters. Over time, however, this number has increased significantly and by the early 1990s, 30 percent of its 17,000 armed fighting forces were women. It was reported by a Turkish university that 88% of the subjects claimed that equality was a key objective.

    the PKK they fight against ISIS, they are also for gender equality, what is bad about that?

    PS. they are for REAL gender equality, not that western feminist shit because women fight on the frontlines of the PKK and there's 17.000 of these girls. and people said women werent good in the military.

    they are put on a terrorist black list by turkey and some other NATO countries but thats it.

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    • @Prochto who is to say who is a terrorist and who is not? Kurdistan wants to build a nation. Constantinople was taken and turned into Istanbul, nations are always created by military conflicts, Kurdistan is not different. if the PKK are terrorists for killing people then every army of every country is a terrorist for killing people. its that simple.

    • I wish I died instead of trying to tell somethings to you who is a great retarded