Is it bad to not be very forgiving?

I've had that attitude since I was a 14 year-old freshman in HS (now I'm 29). I didn't even give a former crush a 2nd chance when he was a jerk once and tried getting me to like him again.

I was very forgiving before but it got others to take advantage of me more during my middle school years. It even led to a 5 day suspension once for believing someone would be my friend if I stole a graphic CD package.

Towards the ending of 8th grade, I've by then hardened and if someone screwed up, that was it for me. No second chances given.


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  • I mean it can be good and bad. Some people are more forgiving than others so you are one who is not and it has to do with those past experiences.

    • Yes and 7th grade was the worst school years ever. 8th grade was mediocre and I still had to deal with a couple jerks.

      I guess when I got hardened in HS, that was my way of telling myself that I had enough of getting taken advantage of, being made the laughing stock of the class and still being nice to classmates that didn't deserve it at all.

    • Interesting how a couple bad experiences even as a 12-14 year-old forms part of your permanent personality.

    • Yeah it's true when they say that kids soak things up like sponges and when you learn that at a young age it leaves an impression

  • Take a scale and weigh in with your pride on one side and the potential of better socialisation on the other. Choose whichever you think is heavier.


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