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Sent this to a friend this morning... I'm kind of embarrassed. First time I've ever done this.


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  • I wouldn't be embarrassed unless it's what you said that bothers you. I'm going to download it. It's more personal that just typing the message. It's what you say, not how you deliver it that matters. I feel you are way over thinking this. When you do that, it always gets worse as you continue thinking.

    • I get very embarassed about singing.

    • I think you might be using the wrong word to describe what you mean. Maybe the right word would be apprehension or nervous. You are overthinking this. Doing so always makes everything seem much worse that it really is. I know this because I used to do it a lot. I worked at it and don't do it anywhere near like I used to. The fact that you are doing these things anyway is a very good thing. Never let fear, nerves or apprehension stop you from doing things, unless it's too dangerous or inappropriate.

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  • What does it say?

    • I was singing hello good morning I hope you have a very nice day.

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    • Yeah, I felt like it was cheesy though... she just missed me and I wanted to be sweet.

    • It was sweet😊

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  • Damn, that honestly sounds amazing.

    If someone send me this to start my day off, I would instantly be in a good mood.

  • Nothing to be embarrassed about - I hadn't a clue what I was clicking, I was a bit wary with build up but it sounded great.


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