Was I supposed to say something back to her when she said this?

the girl that cut my hair today, told me that they were having "new girl problems". supposedly the new girl that was working there, called off on her training day. they don't pay you to be trained, and she called off. i guess you're not supposed to do that. im not sure if i was supposed to say anything to this, so i just nodded my head

should i have said something about it?


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  • lol yeah? ^-^

    • that's not ur problem bro

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    • nah. just say either 'I don't know' or don't respond. unless she says something like "can i have ur opinion on the issue" then ur fine.

    • she said nothing. So ur fine.

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  • No, why would you care?

  • you should've said "oh hell nah gurl, nope"


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  • Well if you want make lite convo you can. Ask open ended questions.

    " oh really? If you were manager wha would you had done?" Add to it.

    * chuckle* " so you'd ( repeat the important part wha she said to make seem you were paying attention) I would of too. But you know what though. ( add in wha you'd do)

    End it after the convo runs into brick wall. Meaning die down and/or let her know you have to go.

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