Why people demand social skill so much instead of accepting differences?

Why people just implicitly reject people with lower level of social skills, regardless of considering the potential qualities of a person they may have. I believe that people are more open minded now and lots of areas of social contents need different talent. But still no matter it is the job market or college club, if you do not have the social skill to appear to be getting alone with other, you are out.

I know that collaboration needs formation but I do not think all people have to follow the same rule of mastering the same social skill to communicate or progress in communication, like any differentiation would result in otherwise.

I have it but I hate it and I think it is dumb and would result in great opputunity of lossing opportunities or any kind. A extreme example, is we all know from the movies that a person appears to be a nerd can be extremely talented in one area they specialized in and people tend not to recognize that... That is just an example but in reality, still tones of people have not been recognized for what they are, their values to the society are hidden because useless people in this society cannot recognize those value just because they want people who are valuable to be able to show them what they can do, through social skills...

The concequence is basically in my opnion, like for example if you are unable to follow up a small talk, you do not get the chance to talk real business, instead of starting from the beginning to talk about the business...

Another aspect of this is that people in a group think people not in the group are anti-social, how retarded is that that because that people do not process the level of social skill required to be in that group, people in that group think that they are anti-social or simply do not wanna get alone with them... I do not even relate this to love and relationship, just count how many opportunities have been wasted away in relation to this issue in your life.


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  • I agree. It seems many would rather have a friend that will not really be a good friend vs a good friend that is socially awkward. Look how many women will go for an obvious player vs a shy guy that is sin sere. Ahh well, they get what they deserve.

    • I will make sure they get what they deserve

    • basically from my observation after two got married and have kids father typically will not pay as much attention to mother because they do not love each other in their heart...

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  • do you ask out the fattest chick you can find? she's a potential beauty, right?
    nobody likes charity cases 😒

    • Vile pink anon again. I think you know what you deserve to have happen to you. We should block anon replies to stop this thing keep doing this. It does this on every question posted by a guy who rightfully complains about unjust behaviour.

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    • What you said was disgusting. It is not someone's fault if they have problems with social skills. And I pretty sure you are the same pink anon that keeps posting pathetic, childish nonsense on guys questions were they are complaining about something.

    • @bobbyxx uh no I'm not, sorry to break it up to you but a lot of people go anon here
      and what I said is what I think because it's true I don't like charity cases, if I like someone I don't care what other people think (socially awkward, fat, slutty, whatever) but if this other person doesn't make an effort then it's not worth doing an effort for them

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  • Perhaps improve your English first.

    • Wrote it too quickly lol

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    • that is the point lol...

    • what point? oh, not making sense, cool...