Is it weird/creepy to DM a pretty girl who added you on Twitter who you've never met before?

I want to do this just for fun. Her picture is unbelievable, and she's not a bot or anything. It's funny because she lives in Arizona and I live in New York hahaha so it's not like we're ever going to meet each other. I just wanted to compliment her because it makes me feel good about myself no matter what platform it's on.


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  • if u want to drop a random compliment, no.
    if u want to have a conversation with her then go for it :)
    just bc you'll nev er meet doesn't mean u won't enjoy talking to each other.

    • I tried to have a conversation with her actually, it said on her page what her occupation is, and I do something similar so I asked her what she was doing with it specifically, and she never replied. So I guess I shouldn't compliment her either :(

    • She probably isn't interested :( sowwy...

    • Thanks for MHGirl:)

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  • Just talks to her. Worst case is she doesn't respond. She added you.


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  • I suppose why not?

  • Are you sure this is a woman and not a man with a woman profile.

  • Let me guess, you're a nice guy?

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