What happens in puberty for boys around the age 13-14?

I am a girl and I am just wondering about these things and don't have anyone to ask without it being weird haha.
1. Do they get bo*ers? If so how many? What makes them get bon*rs? How do they hide them? Do they embarrass them? Can you tell if they have a boner? Just a b*ner 101 haha i only know what happens inside of their body from school I don't know why, how many, and if they get them in the ages 13-14
2. Do they think about s**? If so do they just think about it as a whole or as it with a certain person?
3. Do voice cracks embarrass them? Or do they just think about it as something that just happens?
4. Do wet dreams happen around this age?
5. Any other things you think would be helpful to understand puberty of boys 13-14? Or any stories that you would like to share?
6. Am I weird to be wondering these things about them?
Thank you so much for all of your help!!!:)


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  • 1) yeah, we start getting boners. A few a day sometimes, but sometimes they're just random and not from something sexual. There's also morning wood.
    We do get kinda embarrassed sometimes, and we just hide them with a sweatshirt or the desk we're sitting at. Also certain ways to sit can hide it better.

    2) For me I often think about how much I just wanna have sex for once. And yeah usually with a girl I know.

    3) Yes and yes.

    4) Yes but I don't think I ever had one. Like I've had dreams where I "have sex" but it's not "wet" when I wake up.

    5) Some guys get it earlier than others. Some get it later. Some get hairier. Just don't really point out these things or else it'll make the guy self-conscious for the rest of his life.

    6) Absolutely not. Your school should have a session at some point where you learn more about this, and where you can ask questions without judgement.


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  • Why does it say you're 30 years old and asking about 13 year olds


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  • They definitely get boners, sometimes at times that are just random. A boy that age doesn't even have to be thinking about girls' bodies or sex and he can get an erection. He has no control over it, and if he gets one while he's in class he prays that the teacher doesn't ask him to go up and write an answer on the blackboard. If he's walking in the halls and he has an erection he'll most likely put his hands in his pockets to help hide it. Guys that age have their hands in their pockets a lot. And yes, he can get wet dreams, but some boys that age never do. (I didn't, and I kind of felt cheated.) And yes, he will be embarrassed when his voice cracks, which is another thing he doesn't have any control over. If he does have a wet dream, he really hopes his mom (or maybe his sisters too) don't make a big deal about him stripping his sheets and washing them. He'll be masturbating a lot (unless he's gotten some kind of really strange, backward programming from his parents and/or culture), and he will only recently have had his first ejaculation. He'll be fascinated almost to the point of obsession with girls' bodies and even the details of their sexual anatomy. When he changes in the locker room he's terrified he'll have an erection and get teased. He'll be self-conscious about a lot of things, including the size of his penis.

  • 1. Yes they do, and normally at that age I would just get them randomly, not due to sexual attraction.
    2. I didn't really think about sex as that age.
    3. My voice breaking was annoying for me because I used to love singing (I was good) but it broke in such a way that I can't hit half the notes I used too.
    4. I have never had a wet dream and only a few people I've asked about it have actually experienced one. I feel like they would be fairly rare but they do occur from the time guys start getting erections normally.
    5. Not really
    6. If you are actually 30 and aren't asking as a Teacher, Parent or Relative of a young boy then yea... its fairly weird

  • 1. Boys start getting boners when they're 7. It's random, probably fluctuates and increases in frequency over the course of growing up. I guess hormones and stuff who really knows, it's a confusing time. Not everybody gets boners in the daytime, I guess some boys have an issue with that but sexual thoughts are easy to surpress, at least it was for me, so hiding them isn't really an issue. I guess kids usually feel embarrassed, it depends, more confident kids would care less. It's hard to tell boners with pants on, sometimes it would press against the crotch but it'd be a semi-boner and if you're wearing jeans that definitely makes it difficult to tell.

    2. Think about sex earlier than early teens, but it's more innate, it doesn't really make coherent sense. Early teens is when you find out more and start really fixating or fantasizing about particular people.

    3. I didn't have a voice cracking period. It progressed quickly but never got into that state where I'd be wheezy trying to get the words out, or cracking or whatever. I'm trying to remember, I think it was less embarrassing the sooner it happened for other kids.

    4. I never had wet dreams like that. I mean I'd have dreams but I'd never ejaculate during sleep. I thought that was a myth for a while until I heard somebody mention it.

    5. Supposed to be when you start coming of age. So a lot more girl-oriented thoughts come to mind 10 onwards and probably escalates into 13-14.

    6. No it's cool to know stuff. Although I usually just ask friends about this stuff

  • Nah you ain't that weird
    We get tons of random boners
    Sex is on the mind for most people
    Voice cracking is really embarrassing
    Wet dreams happen for some (I got them but never came in bed, probably fapped to much to do so lmao)

    • and about the boners, we definitely hide them but it's gonna be either completely hidden or really noticeable. they just pop up without control to.

  • Why are you asking this for the 2nd time minutes apart?

  • 1. As many as we need? Usually sexual excitement, but not always. If you just rub it, you can get a boner.
    2. Guys think about sex.

    4. Yes. Unless they masturbate, they'll continue getting them.

  • 1. we get raging morning wood that won't go away.
    2. what is s**? you mean sex? yes we think about sex, fucking hot girls. your question doesn't make sense.
    3. no. makes no difference.
    4. never had a wet dream. probably cuz i jacked off so much.
    5. nothing.
    6. yes it's weird at your age. are you a junior high teacher wanting to fuck your students?

  • Hahaha. Boys will be boys. Forever. Nothing happens at 13-14 or 43-44, and so on.


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