Do you have an old best friend?

How long did your friendship last?

the oldest friend that i had was Radak, we know each other since we where 7 years old

we took this picture when we where 7 years old, the short one on the right is me and the taller kid on the left is him
Do you have an old best friend ?
And this is a picture we took yesterday, we are the two bearded guys on the left, I'm the guy in the middle, we are both 16 now

We've been the best friends for 9 years and still, usually friendships don't last more than 3 years,

what about you? do you have an old friend who is still with you? if yes drop a selfie together if you like.


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  • I do, like 10+ years

  • My oldest friend and I have been friends since 2005. So that's 11 years and counting.

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