Can you create a riddle?

Fun activity to pass the time. Create a riddle for me and anyone else here to solve. MHO to the best one. Try to make it difficult, but make sure it can be solved using logic and reasoning.

No points for reposting another person's riddle from a website or the internet. I'll check.

Fun challenge for all the smarties out there.

Doesn't have to be a complex logic puzzle. Just a simple riddle


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  • I am your worst nightmare
    Yet also the one you have been looking for all the time
    Who am I?
    Thats one secret I'll never tell.

    • An anonymous user

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    • Ha no worries it's okay. I just wanted to tease you a little bit, and I'm happy to see you took the joke well.

      FYI I do tease people - A LOT, in fact - but bullying, nah, that's just lame.

    • Alright, fair enough. No hard feelings :)

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  • i have billion of eyes but cannot see
    i have billion of ears but can hear
    what am i
    it easy really


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  • I can be and was of any gender
    I can be and was of any race
    Times pass and technology changes
    But I am still one and the same
    What am I?

  • The only one I know was from the TV ages and ages ago but its the only one I know:

    There is a barrel and there is something in the barrel that you can see and which makes it lighter, not heavier. What is it?

    • To clarify... if you look at the barrel which is opaque you can see this inside of it? Or if the thing wasn't in the barrel you could see it?

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    • @Yana_NK you presented it well. That's a good one.

    • Thanks :)

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