Is my dream for the future, really lame/stupid?

After living in a city for the last couple of decades, I've been wanting to live in the countryside maybe with a big forest nearby. For a retirement plan I'm thinking of owning a small shop, or a bakery so that I can always have something to do despite being old. Plus if I'm living in the countryside then my neices/nephews/grandchildren will have a great place to stay and have fun in.

I've known I don't want to live in a city since I was 5, some people I've met think its really cool to have something their working towards. But other people who I've shared this with think its crazy, and that I'm totally bonkers for thinking anymore than 2/3 years ahead. Whats your opinon?


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  • No, it sounds awesome. I've lived in a city all my life, and like you, I cannot stand city life.

    Sounds like a dream.

    I mean, live in the moment but the people you are talking to sound like a bunch of stiffs. Who the hell doesn't have dreams.

    • Not everyone is like that and not my friends, but those people you only talk to cause your in the same assinment together ot something.
      And thats nice while all my friends wish me luck, not many of them would want to follow me and live full time in countryside.

    • By the time they're older, a lot will have changed and cities will be even more crowded. They may be singing a different tune at that point.

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  • I've wanted to live in the countryside all my life. But never had the chance so im stuck in Coventry. Lol

  • You're right to be planning ahead. If you don't start working on this (even a small business requires a big investment in time as well as money), you will wind up putting it off until it's too late.

    • Yeah that's why I'm studying business and learning accounting at uni. A broad topic range suited for a load of jobs.

  • It's good to have long term goals but also remember to keep short term goals flexible enough to allow your long term goals can be a reality


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