Trying to get a pokemon go account and found out someone used my email for one can I get someone to delete their account?

Since they didn't even bother to ask me if it was okay to use my email whoever it is. Do I have the right to ask message the company and ask them to delete it?

Whoa update I able to get the username and somehow the username had my high school student ID I don't know if I should be freak out or not...


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  • Try it or just make another gmail account purely for pokemon go. Also try to login with your email and say u forgot the password, they may send u a link to change it to your email and u can then change it and stop the other user using your email. They might be a high level so you'll have a good start :-D

    • But I don't know their username or date of birth or anything like that. I just message them that I did not give consent for it I want the account to be deleted.

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    • How do I do that?

    • Make a list of suspects and check them out one by one. Quiz them on pokemon and try to get their phone have a look at the account

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  • Log into your email account, see if there's a Pokemon go account and delete it, or contact them through it. Change your email password also.

    • Funny this person knew what they were doing they make sure I never got a email. Since trying to make account I found out about them.

    • Yeah that seems dodgy as 😕

  • If you can verify that you are the owner of the email address, then yes.

    • How will I do that? just screen shot a picture of my email owning to me?

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    • But I don't want the account I want it gone period.

    • Then just delete the account once you verify that your email address is yours, just delete.

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