Sick and tired of people always using the race card and assuming all white people are the same?

I'm sick of being called racist or Trump supporter just because my eyes are blue and my hair is blonde. My mum and dad taught me not to judge people by their shade of color, race, creed, differences etc.
A FEW real examples:
Ex-I raise my hand, then Latin girl raises her hand. Teacher comes to me first, because my hand was way up before hers!"She goes to her own kind first."

Ex-I hit her with a dodge ball."It's because I'm Mexican."

Ex-I get A on test "Of course you're white, that's the only type of people they want to do well."-Said by another Latin girl

My last straw was when this Mexican girl called "Flat ass racist white bitch."(She has said worse before!)

I said:"Well at least in a couple of years, I won't be walking across the road pushing a stroller with three kids behind me carrying grocery bags to a heat shack, with chickens in the yards and my body won't be shaped like a bulldog with big arms with small legs and a squared stiff ass that's at the same level as my back."
Sick and tired of people always using the race card and assuming all white people are the same?Her body is the 2nd one... I kidd you NOT!

I felt so good/bad saying that. She needed a taste of her own medicine. Most of the Latin and girls are calling me racist now, but when she said all that crap regarding my race it was never a problem for them. I know I'm mot racist so I don't give a damn if that's what you comment below. I feel like being Caucasian I will always be labeled racist, it sucks.

Does anyone else experience this?


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  • I try and ignore things like this - When I get in a situation and react, I feel worse afterwards for sinking to their level.


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  • Well you may not be racist usually but you were as a consequence of how they were treating you, and not predicting anything but the an eye for an eye ethic has never really worked out, like never ever, something like "funny you're labelling me racist simply for my race when that in itself is whats really racist" would have been a better comeback.
    But yeah, I know the struggle - when we were talking about what languages we dislike in a group of people my friend from Hong Kong said that she thinks Vietnamese and Thai sound super annoying and everyone was just like "okay" and when I said that I agreed, multiple people were like "Woah thats so racist"... I mean.. C'mon now..

    • The thing is they can say anything they want to me and no one will see it as an act of racism (though it is), but if I retaliate people will look at me like the world is about to end. It's not fair.

    • Sounds like you're really living in a racist area tbh, I just love it when minorities claim that they can't be racist simply because they're black/yellow/filler and then continue to making the most racist remarks ever lmao

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  • As a black woman, I've always felt bad for white people being called a racist when i know they aren't. Just ignore it. Tell her she can think what she likes. She's not valid enough for you to waste the energy on her. Tell her she's a non fucking factor to you.

  • Well... don't let them turn you into one :/

    • I'm not I felt awful about what I said and I know my mum and dad would be hurt if they knew I said that. I just lost my sanity and snapped. It's not fair though they can say anything they like to me and not be labeled racist 😕

    • I know it isn't fair. And it's good you realize that you made a mistake. But think about how they must see things -- you have a guy like Trump being an asshole... and a lot of people are voting for him. So they must feel like everyone else hates them.

      You should tell them how you feel and apologize. At least you can do your best. Hopefully they will be better too because of it :)

  • I was sympathetic up until the part about her with 3 kids, and a house with chickens in the yard, and stuff.

    • They've called me and other white girls white cracker , Arayan, and the kkk all before I said that to her, this exactly what I mean. When I retaliate to someone being racist, all of a sudden I'm the racist one for saying the crappy things they said to me right back. You just don't understand.

    • The answer to prejudice isn't more prejudice.

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