I'm seeing this same guy at Publix walking around, should I tell someone?

He's apparently been a regular customer I guess. However, he seems to be walking around and not really buying stuff or if he does, he puts many stuff aside and only pays few things. Then he leaves as if he was in a rush or if he was looking for someone or something. I'm good in remembering looks and clothes.

I already spoke to him 2 months ago and he came with some story about a recent surgery, that he needed help putting his groceries in the trunk. A conversation came (I felt kind of awkward but I didn't want to be rude so I went along with the conversation) and at one point he asked where I lived, to which I gave a false address.

Fastfoward to just this Saturday, someone was asking for help and it was that same guy again... same clothes as the first time we spoke, claiming another story about having a falling accident at another store, being in pain and needing help with the market cart. I pretended to be talking on my cell, saying ''ok I'll see ya'' and told him I'm waiting for someone, that I had to go.


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  • This guy has probably done nothing wrong but it's more than just a little creepy. He could be trying to lure someone to his home/apartment. Ask to talk to the store manager and tell him what you've observed.

    • Thanks. Yes, he seems creepy.

  • Technically he hasn't done anything wrong. He's acting a little creepy but that's not against the law.

    You on the other hand appear to be stalking him.

    • Both times it was him that stopped by to speak with me. I didn't. Both times, he came with different stories. First it was a surgery and now a falling accident.

      I'm a regular supermarket buyer. If you were one too, wouldn't it be weird if you saw someone that was lurking around and acting like a creep? I'm going to inform the store manager next time I see that.

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