How to spot potential cheaters?

I recently moved to the US. I get hit on often... which is cool. I was a soldier once and I have the ultimate respect for my brothers who died and sacrificed so much. So one thing I don't like is cheating... I could never hurt another man's feelings in that sense. I can't always tell beforehand when a women is flirtatious and is trying to test the waters for an affair.

What are some things they will say or do to make it obvious she is willing to cheat?

Any more asnwers?


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  • Unless she submits a resume and you contact her references, you won't have an easy time with it. Take your time when dating, pay attention to her stories, if she has questionable intentions... the stories won't add up. It's always a game of chance.


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  • Telling you that her husband is on deployment in a bar usually does it.


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  • The easiest way to tell is by the presence of a vagina.

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