How is it there a way to get in contact with my sister?

Me and my sister we were closed , but then we were put in foster care my social worker separate us. Now me and my sister we are grown adults now. She is 22 now here birthday is on February 15 , we bought cry the last time we saw each other is was in may 2007 :'(we were not allowed to contact each other they switch her at a different state , How can I find her? I still cry


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  • Easiest way I can think of off the top of my head is to hire a private investigator

  • Search Facebook for her name to start with. A private investigator could find her worst case.


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  • That's awful :/

    Is her name different now? Have you tried social media? I'm sure there must be public records about people in foster care, maybe you could try to find those? Do you know what state she went to?

    • I know she was in florida

    • I tried fb nothing comes up