Will ever be a an alternative to Capitalism in your opinion?

Socialism and communism have failed capitalism prevails in the whole world for now but Capitalism creates massive inequalities and in this system state is like a merchant and state considers its citizens as customers some are wealthy as hell and some are destitute in this system and if you have money you have the freedom but if you don't have money you don't have freedom but it's the best system compared to other systems (socialism etc.. ) will ever be an alternative to Capitalism in your opinion?


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  • How has capitalism failed? You'll have corrupt taking advantage in any community, laws.. etc Will there be an alternative? No. and if there was it will still be a matter of time until the greedy corrupt that.
    This isn't Utopia its the real world with power hungry people who thrive on money


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  • Yes 1st there has never been a true communist goverment because there is no goverment in communism there 3 Stepts are 1 revaluation 2 strict goverment that encourages trade amongst its own peopoe and 3 the goverment spends down after about 5-10 years no country has taken the last step.

    Pure capitalism failed the Great Depression proved this we now have social Security welfare public schools homeless shelters government regulated hospitals these are all socialist ideas If you we were pure capitalist then we went to be sending our children to elementary schools high schools etc. so in a sense capitalism has failed.

    That being said of course there is an alternative to capitalism capitalism is probably the worst system ever think about this. Global warming has been proven to exist and it is proven that man is causing it through the millions of tons of Green house gases such as CO2 and MO2 and Tesla has come out with a car that gets the 300 miles off of one chart and there are charging stations problem is that this car cost $50,000 many people don't make enough to by one so they continue to drive the cars that are invadi continue to drive the cars that are emiting greenhouse gases causing the plant to slowly warming up.

    So yes there is a better systum then capitalism,
    Instead of having big businesses employers we should have the goverment running buiness at paying everyone a living wage give people thing that won't destroy the environment instead of making people pay thousands of dollars for somthing that will help benefit humanity and our planet.

    We are not individuals on this planet we are all part of one organ and what happens when one part doesn't do it's job if it's in m individuals on this planet we are all part of one organism and what happens when one part doesn't do it's job they body slowly start shutting down and that is what capitalism has caused the down fall of the earth


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  • A truly communist system never existed. It's also hard to define communism because its two inventors, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels never clearly outlined it. Most people falsely believe that Marx' and Engels' Communist Manifesto is a definition of communism. This is not the case however. Ironically, the Communist Manifesto talks very, very little about communism. Marx was a philosopher with a vast knowledge about economy and the markets. He understood that the capitalist system of his time had failed almost everyone and that it was an extremely destructive system. Therefore, his book was a philosophical criticism of capitalism, rather than a definition of communism. This is very important to understand. The only real definitions we have of communism come from people like Lenin, Trotzky or Mao, who may or may not have understood Marx correctly.
    Marx himself planned to write a book about communism but died before he got the chance to do so.

    Socialism on the other hand includes lots of different breeds under the same name. If you consider the USSR a socialist system, it's fair to say that it failed. However, many people consider Norway, Sweden and Iceland socialist countries and their system work better than anyone else's.

    The truth is that there are tons of alternatives to capitalism that intellectuals have come up with during the past 100 years or so. Just to give you one example, there is the idea of anarcho-syndicalism (Noam Chomsky is a supporter of this system). It existed for a brief period of time in Barcelona during the 1930s and worked extremely well. The idea behind anarcho-syndicalism is to create leftist anarchist system with direct democracy. However, contrary to my home country Switzerland, direct democracy wouldn't only govern the political sphere, it would also govern the economic sphere. Instead of having steep hierarchies, companies would be organized in a direct democratic fashion. All important decisions would be decided by the community of all the people working for that particular company. Individual workers would all own a share of the company, similar to a stock. This would ensure that everyone has an interest in working hard and keeping the company afloat.

    And of course there is also the social market economy, which is basically the system practiced in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands or France. In Switzerland it's a mix of social market economy and libertarianism. This system too, hasn't failed.

  • Probably not. I'd like to see what actual capitalism looks like, rather than the crony capitalism/socialism blend we've got.

    • Did you not pay attention in US history class? You end up with monopolies or, in best case scenario, oligarchies, which aren't good things

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    • @QuestionMan bruh 😂😂😂... I ain't letting you off that easy, homeboy. Telecommunications was just 1 example you stated AFTER you made the umbrella statement of governments causing monopolies. I was attacking your premise/original statement, not your specific example

      Also, you didn't explain anything really. Wind mobile could easily have done shitty because the market is already saturated given virtually everyone having a phone already. Moreover, none of what you said proves anything in terms of government intervention is actually driving up prices

      As for the HydroOne, I'd have to read up on that, but again, the market is probably saturated already with the big 3. Then, to keep up with benchmarks, R&D, etc, they had to drive up their price to b/e. They don't have enough carriers to drive down their price marginally of a niche market... Again, I'd have to read up, but just on my accounting and Econ knowledge and what you explained, that's the 1st thing that comes to mind

    • @QuestionMan in which case, I'd like to know why the prices aren't allocated and subsidized to lower their prices

      Moreover, if you read what I wrote, looking at dollar for dollar doesn't mean anything prices are higher because pay is higher in Canada. Also, again, land is sold generally at high premiums given how dense and concentrated the population is vs the US. You have to look at the overall cost of living index... It's like you complaining $28 on a restaurant vs my $18, but you're making $15/ hour vs me making $10/hour

  • We dont have capitalism.
    We have monopolistic imperialsim in the form of a plutucracy that taxes the masses and pays itself first. Corruption disguised by a bought out media that distracts us with fake news and unimportant scandels like sexual misconduct. Its too bad most people in US would not fight or die for their beliefs because they think their lives somehow are important and they need to continue their ecological footprint of consumption and slaving for the man. Instead they should take responsibility for governing themselves.

  • There's plenty of alternatives, but none have correctly accounted for motivations of both the individual and large organizations as capitalism has.

  • voluntaryism.

  • Communism never failed, Socialism did.

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