How do you know if you are talking/liking a person out of boredom or you genuinly like talking/like them?


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  • do they make u happy, or just amusing u?
    do you want to b around them even when there are other things to do, or only when ur bored?

    • Yes they make me happy and when im busy i want to talk to them as well but sometimes ill think oh I dont care and then i do. Its confusing.

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    • Is it normal to have moments to take a break from talking and think things through? Because with him i wasn't afraid of getting close to him but some things he said bothered me and made me question things?

    • you can do whatever you need to do. as long as you let him kno so he doesn't think u ghosted, then you will b fine. and he'll respect it.

  • If you pause and think or reflect etc you can figure it out