How do I fix these problems?

Lets face it, I have a lot of flaws. I'm
chubby (with an unattractive body type-apple)
weird hair
ugly face
weird, unfeminine voice

socially awkward
uncomfortable to be around
I look angry/upset/depressed
overly sensitive
easily annoyed
and I'm super weird
how do I fix these problems? And none of that,"you're beautiful the way you are," crap.


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  • Change your lifestyle! Mindset and believe that you can. Don't let nothing else tell you different. Go out and change. Love yourself


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  • Wait honestly. No one is super attractive at 15, and your body is going to change A LOT as you grow up. At 24, I don't look the same way I did when I was 15, and you won't either.

    If you think you're chubby, go work out or run or start exercising more. Weird hair? Experiment with different haircuts to find the most flattering for your face. You're honestly probably not as ugly as you think you are. No one cares about how someone's voice sounds, everyone is just who they are.

    YOU think you're unlikable, and it sounds like you're causing your own problems. If you're overly sensitive and easily annoyed, people probably don't feel like you want to be friends with them or maybe you just aren't very welcoming to people. Try not to be that way. Don't take everything personally, don't get defensive when anyone says anything, don't get annoyed at the little things. Being shy and socially awkward is okay, a lot of people are and they figure it out eventually.


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  • Im unattractive too so do u think we...😳😳


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  • I think you're being overly critical of yourself, but it will make you feel better if you start working out. Don't try to "fix" everything at once, or you'll feel overwhelmed. Also, often when you work on one area of your life wholeheartedly, the rest follows.

    Focus on one thing. You don't feel good about your body. Okay, then as a start, make it a goal to walk for 1 hour everyday, cut out all sugary and processed/junk food and drinks from your diet, and only drink water. Commit to doing just that for at least 30 days. Check off each day on a calander that you're successful, set an alarm on your phone to go for a walk, ask your parents to stock the house with healthy food and toss out the bad stuff, etc. whatever you need to do to make it happen. Keep it up until it's a habit.

    • I do take walks everyday, but my diet isn't all that great. Plus, im not being overly critical, thats the plain truth.