What is the best way to see a girls belly button?

What is the best way you can think of to see a girls belly button with out looking for a girl with a crop top going to the beach or even the pool just a random girl wearing random clothes.


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  • Use google. Plus everyone is wearing crop tops now so you can't go outside without seeing bellies.

    • Have any I ideas other than that

    • That's a good idea but have any others can you send me a pic of your belly button or any that could that's a girl

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  • This is a really strange, creepy question. Why are you trying to see girls belly buttons?

    • Answer the question or don't bother sorry but that's how I am

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    • I'm not meaning friends or people I know I mean a completely random person

    • You want to see a completely random person's belly button?


  • Go to the beach.

    • Did I not say with out going to the beach not wanting to be rude but really

    • You're a little pervert!