Could the reason why a coworker of mine won't feel sad if another coworker commits suicide is because she likes animals more than humans?

She told me a couple of weeks ago how she likes animals more than humans. We were just talking about all types of things during that conversation and she told me that. Anyways, we found out how a coworker has been having suicidal thoughts. She told me how she thinks this suicidal coworker is nice and likes talking to her. When we talked about that worker being suicidal, she told me she doesn't want her to commit suicide, she wants her to live. When I asked her though''Will be sad though if she does end up commiting suicide?'' She responded back saying''These questions are necessary?'' I asked her again a couple of days later and she said the same thing. It is weird, she is ok with answering other things except that one question. It seems that she won't be sad if our coworker kills herself since she refuses to answer that one question. I am wondering if the only humans she would be sad for if they kill themselves is her family and her friends.

Correction: She said these questions AREN'T necessary.
And she didn't ask when saying''These questions aren't necessary.'' She just said it.


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  • No, it likely means that it's so sad that she doesn't want to even think about it.

    • Well if that isn't the case. She answered the other questions that had to do with the suicide topic except that one question. She said the same thing when I asked her that one question two different times,''These questions aren't necessary,'' Yet having no problem answering other questions moments before. What if she actually won't feel sad and that is the reason she is not answering? She says she wants her to live yet refuses to answer the sad question. If she won't feel sad, could it have to do with her liking animals more than humans? If she actually doesn't feel sad if the coworker kills herself, I bet the only people she would feel sad if they killed themselves are her family or friends. Most people do feel sad when they find out on the news, in person, etc. that someone kills themselves. Of course they would be MORE sad, when it is an immediate or extended family member or friend, but to not feel sad AT ALL when a non friend or relative commits suicide is being desensitized.

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    • Yes, it could.

    • Ok MargaritaPeach

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  • She's probably creeped out by your line of questioning. You're coming off like a serial killer planning to murder a person you claim is suicidal just to see your coworker's response.

    If this person is suicidal, why are you talking to your coworker about it anyway? There's people you're actually supposed to call about this kind of thing.

    • Cause she is our coworker and she brought up the conversation to me how this coworker is suicidal. She answered everything else, including when I asked her if she wants her to live and she said yes. But two times two different days when I asked her if she would be sad if she kills herself she refuses to answer. What if she won't be sad? It doesn't make sense. How can she want her to live but not be sad if she dies? Wtf?

    • @Asker and what did your local mental health services say when you called to report the suicidal coworker?

    • The coworker that was suicidal is fine now and is getting help but can you please, respond to my last post answering what I am asking you?

  • I don't feel sad for them either. If that's the they want to go then knock yourself out

    • Well dude she said she doesn't want her to kill herself but yet refuses to answer the question if she would be sad. How can someone not want someone to kill themselves yet not feel sad if they do kill themselves? Wth? That doesn't make sense

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    • No I'm not that anal about details. It's probably she wants her to choose life but if she ultimately chooses suicide then it's on the suicidal persons soul and decision

    • It could be that. Good explanation.