What's your favorite song? Attach a link if possible?

what's your favorite song? Attach a link if possible
here's mine:


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  • I've been into 2 songs a ton lately. I thought about choosing between them, but I really can't. They have different parts/feels that I like each a ton.
    My played song out of these 2 is "Alpha Seed" by ERRA. I think it's that intro. It's my current drum goal song.

    ERRA - Orchid. I get a lot of feels from this song and it has a happier feel to it. The guitar riffs are great in this one in my opinion. Good message, good riffs, good song.


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  • Haha I i have this song on my playlist, classic. But I love ;
    wonder walls by oasis
    bittersweet symphony by the verve
    kiss me by sixpence non the richer
    don't dream it's over by crowded house
    Iris by the gogo dollsā¤

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