I work at McDonald's and I feel hopeless😢what should I do?

So its 2am i have to be up for work in 4 hours lol and i can't sleep beacause of all the thinking. I really need some advice. Recently at my job they hired two ladies word got out that they were starting them at 10 dollars an hour!! Starting wages is at 8.31 here there are people here who make less then 10 dollars an hour an have worked here for 7 years yet this ladies are being payed at 10 with no expirience what so ever. yesterday i had an eployee come to in tears asking why if she had something wrong why she was making less the them i had idea. Now i dont now what to do if i speak to my GM she will more tha. Likely deny it or make my lifena living hell for bringing it up and will get every one it trouble for discussing pay rates with other employees im not sure what to do the whole situationnis unfair. I know some of you will say well thata what you get for working there well some do have other options because of disabilities or trasportation schedule and things like that. Please help me out. or tell me about solimilar situations. Also i want to leave McDonald's the problems is i earn good money there. What are other job options for me that pay well with no degree neccesary im currently in college perferably no food related jobs. thank you so much for the help


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  • Airport, threater, restaurant, college campus jobs, aquarium, zoo, musuesm, data entry,

    Looked at these places and worked a few, I know you want to leave and I advise it because these places paid minimum wages and higher x3 10.50 only need high school which you got and you got to apply.

    Other benefits is some of the places I mentions get rarises and can move up. Data entry position is easy to find on campus and places around 13-15 an hour outside of campus from what I saw x3

    I'm job hunting myself just graduated college also there receptionist, pm if you need more ideas or help on resume


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  • It's illegal for employers to punish you or forbid you from discussing your wages with your coworkers.

    We can't guess at what jobs have openings. You need to look around your own area and check with the employment department.

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