Does anyone know if the 2014 chevrolet silverado ltz is a stick or automatic if it is stick is it posable to get an automatic?


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  • it is usually an automatic but if special ordered then it could be a manual (stick).
    just for future reference most vehicles in north America are automatics now a days.

    • ok thanks, i need to get a truck when I'm older because I want to be a vet and I normally try to get as much info as I can on anything I plan to get after im done reading over trucks i plan on reading on insurance and which one i will want to go with

    • im going to be open and honest i'm not much of a chevy fan but as a mechanic i have to suggest that you get one with the 6.0 in it. When i worked on them in a fleet setting they were getting over 150,000 miles on them with very few problems. the draw back was they didn't get them best gas millage but they are dependable with regular maintenance.
      as for a ford there is an issue with the 5.4 engines. its called the cam phasers dont work right and causes engine to miss and want to die at idle at times
      dodge ram with 5.7 lifter tick and electrical issues , rear end problems
      so my i would suggest the same thing your looking at and also if possible get the chevy in a 2500 package. with the 6.0

    • ok thanks i kinda understand what you said lol I'm not the mechanic in the family my dad is he knows a good amount abut cars and trucks. My cousin Aaron likes to think he is but he doesn't know anything he's just a big mouth he beats up vehicles faster than anyone i know doing really stupid shit . Before i get a truck or any vehicle for that matter i want my dad to show me how to do basic stuff the next time i go home to see him he plans to teach me to drive stick when i come home 2 . thanks for the help

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