If a girl acts 'cute' around a guy what will he think?

Like widening her eyes, smiling all innocently with a glint of mischief.

Stuff like that.

I'm cute around everyone.


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  • He will think that you want the 'D'

    • Um.

      I am so cute though like little girl cute. Plus I don't wear make-up and just look young.

      I thought he'd think I'm a really nice girl

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    • I was smiling while talking.

      A year later when I saw him I ignored/avoided him but later on he was being all loud around me and I wondered if HE thought HE was being cute

    • Well then thats good for you.. But dont be too cute or friendly with everybody else cause that might get you a bad repo. Anyway, best of luck ;)

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  • He would probably think you're into him.


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  • Id be like. The fuck is wrong with this girl. And then id tell her to make me a sandwich

  • He will want to bone you.

    • But he's in my group for a presentation and I was only being cute because I'm always cute.

      I think I just like how big my eyes are.

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    • Exactly like that!

    • Uh... but would a little boy really bully the girl he likes and make her feel afraid of him?

      He's not a dumb guy. He's like one of those corporate types (working at an investment firm).

      Plus I didn't look good that day so I was that much more sensitive to what he did

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