Is this suicide or not?

I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds. And in this episode, a man with a hero complex who used to suffocate his kid and resuscitate him, found that wasn't enough anymore.
So he creates a "choking game" website, telling kids their school will win or they'll win for the most minutes being choked.

And obviously, some kids died from this. But the team goes in and says they're not suicides. But for me, it's iffy. Obviously the man should have some sort of charge, I guess. But he never put the belt around their necks, told them they HAD to do t, threatened their lives to do it etc. These kids saw a cool fad, and choked themselves and died.

If it was taking drugs, we'd say these kids should've been more responsible (obviously who gave them the drugs makes it not the best example).

But yeah, to me it's suicide, or at least self caused death... But some people I've seen argue that it's murder not suicide.

Don't need to have seen the episode, I gave all the info here you need really. So you say, suicide or not?


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  • its both.

  • There are also other things which cause death, which don't have to be cases of suicide. So I'd say this isn't suicide.


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  • I understand why you think it's suicide. But I would say it's murder.
    These kids were convinced by this man. It's like he killed them, even though he didn't touch them.
    They "didn't want to die" , they were just blind and they though nothing would happen. That's why I guess it's not suicide.

    • Yeah, I see that too, it's why it was iffy to me. But he didn't necessarily convince them in my mind. I can create a game that says stab yourself in the stomach and dare people to do it, but if they do... is it really my fault? (I mean personally, I'd feel guilty... but does it make me responsible?)

      I guess for me it wasn't right to call him a murderer, but I also don't 100% call them suicide.

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    • Anyway, thanks for the discussion!

    • You're welcome.
      It was an interesting discussion!