Mirin my fantasy football pick?

Mirin my fantasy football pick?
Mirin or nah? Also what y'all think gonna be colts pussyass excuse this time gronk whoop their ass?

  • lol you know I mirin and wanna feel your pecs when they bounce
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  • nah, I'm mad af smh. em pecs doe
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  • None of em but colts still suck, Luck need to shave.
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@WhiteSteve colts mad af rn


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    • @BeerFarts fuk yea lmao got him on Madden mobile anf Xbox, They decreased his stats from last year doe lol and i dont think he got a 99 card this time or maybe yet and yea I hope this twin tower dont fail like previous one lol

    • @BeerFarts Oh, that's right, the Bucs, we talked about that before a while back. A lot of young guys coming back a year older and wiser, namely Jameis and Mike Evans. NFC South is a tough division to be in, but you guys are moving in the right direction.

      @polocrew I think Gronk is supposed to play. They fly out today, so if he's on the plane he'll probably go. Biggest thing is Gronk staying healthy. Good to have Bennett in case Gronk gets dinged up, but tough to replace Gronk's blocking. Denver defense is still nasty, Pittsburgh could be a problem too, AFC won't be a walk in the park. But the Pats can win it all with good health. Should be a fun ride. Vegas has them most likely to win, but I'm not seeing a lot of sports media talking heads picking them. Put that up on the bulletin board, haha. Brady is going to jailhouse, no Vaseline on whoever they play when he's back. A motivated Brady is dangerous Brady.

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