What is the difference between kerosene Diesel and unleaded?


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  • Simply put, each is a different fraction of the crude oil that is pumped out of the ground.
    Gasoline, unleaded, is the modern automotive fuel, and is really a mix of different organics (Carbon-chain molecules), some cleaning additives, and some other things that they say helps the engines run better! :)
    In the earlier days of gasoline auto engines, a little lead, was added to prevent the 'engine knock' (google it, if you care!). Since lead is kind of toxic, it was phased out, in the 1970's.
    Kerosene is another group of molecules, from the oil, that evaporate at a different temperature (you may have heard of 'distillation' or 'fractionation') and it was used to light the street lights, and lamps, a hundred years ago.
    Diesel fuel, is another fraction, but it is used differently, than gasoline, in engines. Diesel is compressed, and heated, and then combusts, and is more efficient, running large engines, though there is a lot of carbon 'soot' left over (ever been behind a big 18-wheeler, accelerating?)
    Basically, they are all hydrocarbons, longer, or shorter chains of carbons making them better fuels for different purposes.
    Was that easy enough to understand, or too NERDY? :) :)

    • Lol I get the idea kinda im looking at trucks to find what is right for me and I tend to research everything I can apparently even gas

  • Different molecules, so they combust differently.

    • Ok thanks lol I'm looking at different trucks and figuring out what I want/need and I tend to research everything apparently even gas lol

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    • I don't know a whole lot about vehicles so I have to read a lot

  • Kerosene is not diesel. Unleaded = no lead


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