How is my amateur brooder :D?

The hatcher (mom chicken) died by illness at the last 4 days,(total 21 days is required) before the chicks go out from the eggs and i did not want the chickens in eggs to die and to pay about 150-200 usd for the brand new brooder. So i made this box by using a digital thermostat and 25Watt of Lamp as heater to heat the inside of box. I tried cardboard box firstly but i need to use high power lamp to heat to 37.5 degrees centigrade because it has no good heat keeping insulation. So i tried styrofoam box to keep the heat inside long time with lower energy at 37.5 C by controlling with a digital thermostat.

How is my amateur brooder :D?

First chick :D :

This is the video of first chick:

This all was from yesterday :D

Now i got total 2 chicks and one other is trying to go out : :)

The only problem is they dont know how to drink water and feed. :(

i try to teach them anyway.


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  • There are lots of videos on YouTube on how to make these. This looks pretty much like what I remember. Just a styrofoam box, with light bulb, and temp control. I think you also want humidity control. I'd keep it clean so they don't get diseased.

    I assume there is a lot of information on how to care for the chicks also. There is someone here at GaG who raised baby ducks, I'll link her to this if I see her on (she's or on much).

    The chicks look healthy though. Good luck with them. Be prepared to lose some also.

    • Yes i also need humidity control :/
      Yeah ur right, Its sad to hear to be prepared to lose some of them. :(

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    • The purpose of humidity is to convert the shell to become brittle as you assume. Otherwise chickens will slog to go out.

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