My mum won't let me go to a youth group that's part of our religion?

So ALL of my friends go to a youth group, I went once and had an awesome time but then my sister told my mum that they do this thing called tounge talking (apparently like a prayer but in gods language or something like that) and she described it as "creepy and scary" and that she ran out of the youth group crying because she was so freaked out but it's a Christian youth group and my family is Christian and some of my friends don't even believe in God and they still go. Whenever I ask my mum she says its demonic and disgusting and that I should never ask her again. I know it's my mums descision where I go and it's her say so but she seriously think they're going to re-wire my brain or something like that and I don't want to go against her word but all my friends say that they have so much fun and that I don't have to participate in tounge talking and I have told my mum this but I just get the same reaction so I'm kinda in the dark with this and need some suggestions on if I could do anything.


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  • I can understand how you feel, However my family had another reason that i am a girl. I guess your mother is just worried about your safety and she doesn't want you to do drugs or anything bad that makes u not believe in god or your faith. Have you tried sitting down and asking her what she worries about? sometimes parents spill out the beens when they are talking about everything that's going on in their lives.

    • I have tried asking her but when I do she replies back "your not going and don't ever ask me again" and my mum knows I wouldn't do drugs she's seen me turn them down and took me there before as I said and didn't have a problem then but Then my sister said that they were tounge talking and that they would brainwash me

    • There is your answer actually. I guess your sister's words scared ur mother into thinking that they would brainwash you and probably even make you think of going away from them. She is your mother and no matter how much she knows you or trusts you, she just doesn't trust the world

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  • Honestly I'm surprised your mother doesn't make you all go to a different church full stop. If the youth group does speaking in tongues or whatever the rest of the congregation probably does too.

    • Oh we don't go near that church, for Sunday church we go to ah different church

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