Tv making popping sound during movie?

It's a 60" Panasonic flatscreen, and I'm concerned?


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  • Does it only happen in one particular movie, or does it consistently happen all the time regardless of what you watch on it?

    Is the TV still in warranty? Or did you buy any sort of extended warranty for it?

    • It was happening when I was watching tv in general, but it's not doing it anymore which I find odd.

    • Usually the first thing I'd try is to turn of the TV and check all of the cables and connections, even unplug and dusconnect and reconnect them all just to make sure everything is connected properly and firmly and not lose. And then turn it back on. Other than that a full factory settings reset or factory settings restore or something to go back to defaults and see if the same exact problem continues to occur.

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  • How old is it?

    If the problem doesn't stop, I would have it checked out!

    • Not that old, and oddly enough it isn't doing it anymore 🤔

    • it just needed your attention! haha =)