Why don't I have "tender emotions"?

Why am I such a sick psycho who feels no empathy?


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  • good news is you do!

    If you felt no empathy you would not be worrying about feeling no empathy :-)

    psychos have no self awareness. you do to be reflecting this way.

    what are you actually bothered by?

    • An incurable mental disorder called schizophrenia. I spend a good portion of my day in psychotic rage and I'm on medication.

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  • you're either isolating yourself or you are pushed to isolation by your environment
    my suggestion is - buy a pet. a pet will help you develop a sense of empathy
    then, play something. that will help you to kill the sense of wasting time and the sense of isolation
    read and try to get into the story with the feelings and experience that. see movies, comedies, romantic movies and the likes
    talk with people, small talk will do
    things will change then ;) good luck - been there, done that as well

    • I hate animals. When I get around people, I dislike them more. Especially hot girls because they think they're worth so much for being an attractive female.

    • same to me, but to quote Aristotele "to be alone one must be an animal or a god" - i used to be and i still am to some extent a total misanthrope. you know what? learn to live life a little bit more being with yourself first. then maybe you will see how people can add some shades of pleasures to it. Go read "Thus spoke Zarathustra" by Nietzche. That will help you a lot in making sense

  • A pysho would not feel bad about having no empathy. You maybe someone more logical than emotional. You haven't developed you feeling side. I'm still developing mine