Thoughts on human existence?

When you think about it, we're really nothing but specks on a bit of dust floating around in emptiness. I personally think life has no purpose other than to be lived. There's no point. Every strive we've made in the entirety of human history will eventually disappear, just like the ancients we can only find incoherent bits of script and rubble in a long forgotten language. In millions of years, that will be us, if people are still around by then.

Meanwhile, we create drama and problems for ourselves on Earth to get some kind of stimulation, entertainment, as just surviving isn't enough for us. In a way, we as humans should be proud of that. Though, our problems don't affect anything else besides us. We get our feelings hurt over nothing significant because facing our uselessness in the deep void of space is terrifying.

Though, it should be celebrated, because we're advanced enough to somewhat comprehend death, or at least try to, and because nothing truly matters, that's all the more reason to follow your dreams, or even just talk to the girl or boy you might have a crush on that you like them, instead of worrying over if they won't like you or not. If you never try, you'll never know, and you'll regret it when you can't try.

Those are just my beliefs, care to tell me yours? Or join in a conversation?


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  • Humans, Earths largest cause of a Mass extinction.

    • Yep, very very slowly and painfully at that.

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    • Agreed!

    • I want to see monster rabbits xD.

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