Could I be an empath?

I'm not a very expressive person and not that emotional but when I'm around certain people I feel emotions that i don't know that are mine. For example, I'm around an average woman and i feel nervous even though I'm not really that attracted to her but when I'm around an attractive woman but feel absolutely nothing. I get that feeling from this one cashier at a local store that I see usually. She always gives off this nervous feeling that makes me feel nervous.
Same when I'm around someone who's happy, sad or bored. I just know instantly they are like that and I feel the exact same thing. I also notice right away if someone is looking at me if they are focusing on me.


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  • Or maybe you're just a normal human being...

    Human brains have specifically evolved to pick up on emotional cues to interact better with the group.


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  • You could be. It doesn't sound like it's too developed if you are, but that can be a good thing. Being an empath is exhausting. Especially if you don't have someone to help you recharge

    • I've gotten better at it. I work with a lot of people too

    • Cool. What parts of it are you improving at?

  • Sounds like it bud. It is quite a heavy burden to bear.